Family Addiction Support

This service offers support to families of people misusing substances in the north Leitrim – south Donegal region. Quite often, families don’t know what to do or who they can turn to. They may feel hurt or experience an array of feelings which can be difficult to go through alone.

Our Family addiction support worker can meet family members to assess their current needs. Family members are then offered information and support.

Family addiction support helps
● interrupt the negative dynamic of alcohol or drug use within the family
● family members look at their own needs
● families help the alcohol or drug user to make constructive choices

Seeking Change

Seeking Change is a Drug and Alcohol Family Support information workshop. The programme is designed to help and support family members of substance mis-users in crisis. The workshop teaches family members skills to encourage seeking help with substance misuse.

Seeking Change is an in person one day group workshop. There is no cost for this and is an additional support to the individual support provided by our Family Support Worker.

If you have been, or are currently being affected by another persons substance misuse, contact our family addiction support worker on:

087 7148004


Northwest Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force

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